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We are the leading supplier of digital asset management software, media search websites, and portals to asset archives, corporations, museums, newspapers, and media archives world-wide. We provide solutions to monetize your content, publish, and sell online. Our software is used by media archives, media departments and public relations departments to make your content available to the general public, or internal departments, track usage, and purchase and download online.

Our enterprise management software -- ProStock -- is the gold standard for media and business management of media libraries.

Our web-based storefront software -- PsWeb -- currently powers websites specializing in fast and complex searches.

20/20 Software now offers "DAMless DAMS" -- a low-cost, high-return, cloud-based way to avoid the cost and expense of DAM software.

Along with great software and solutions, 20/20 Software is a customer-focused, support-oriented company dedicated to bringing cutting-edge technology to media libraries at reasonable cost.

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